Gardening Herbs is fast and easy. Buy several and dry for when there is none.
Passion Flower add color to your Asparagus Garde
Some believe that Stinging Nettles, though painful to touch, reduce the
levels of inflammatory chemicals in the body and interfere with how
the body transmits pain to the brain.
Turmeric is slow sprout. But once it done it grows fast. Turmeric tubers for sale.
Stining Nettle roots and plants. Easy to garden Roots grow fast . Care free plant.
Stinging Nettle rootsplants . Buy plant easy to garden.
Turmeric Plants Roots For Sale. Easy to grow, Buy and plant turmeric.
Basil Miniature Herb Plant For Sale
Now anyone can grow basil herb plant  for sale- even if your garden consists of one
pot!! This small basil her plant is 12 " diameter, 6" tall basil herb plant doesn't give up
anything to the other basils in flavor .

Basil Miniature  has a very strong basil taste and fragrance that makes a little go a
long way.  Ideal for containers, window planters, or house plants. Easy to grow a
really garden delight that take little water and no care.
herb plants for sale
herb plants for sale
herb plants for sale
Purple Basil Plants Roots for sale. Mature Basil plants ready to start growing in your gardenor container.
Miniture Basil great container plant. Fast to plant easy to garde herb.
Garlic buy many as it has so many benefit. Keeps garden pests out. Makes gardening eayt and fun.
Borge gardening is simple .Just plant Borage and let her be.
Borage bloom edible flower and harvest the stems early. Buy many Borage delightful gardening plants.
hops plants roots for sale
herb plants roots . Hops plants for sale.Have troubler sleeping grow hops make a tea.
Buy many Artichoke plants . Easy to garden . Just plant and eat.
Loveage plants replace celery. Sweeter and a gardening delight Buy many. Dry for winter.
signet marigold edible. easy to garden in a container or other.
Yelloe ans orange signet marigold eddible. Buy many gardening is east. Fast growing.
Buy many anfd plants the worlds biggest tomato plants. Growing and gardeing a delight.
Aroma of basil with overtones of cinnamon. Begin harvesting Cinnamon
Basil as soon as the plants are bushy and have some large leaves, pinch
these off one at a time when plants are still young and all season.

Later in the season, remove entire stems and trim off individual leaves
to use fresh, or keep stems in the shade on a screen to dry. Don't hang
big  bunches of stems together because this  may slow drying and can
allow mold growth. You can freeze fresh chopped basil leaves. Great for
salads, soups, stuffings. Also amazing flavor for baked items as
Garlic Plant shallow. Easy on watering.
The worl'ds smallest tomato plant. Buy several tomatoe plants especially these as they make great kitchen garden plants.
Fennel plants white bulb fuzzy
The Miniature Bush Basil is a powerhouse of many benefits for example it
provides the framework for a healthy Immune system, smooth rhythmic
Heart, foundation for healthy Skin, prevention for many Cancers,
antibacterial,aids in  blood clotting, gastrinal intestinal, stress, arthritis pain
and helps with acme.

A very sweet smelling aromatic garden delight. Makes a round bushy plant
eye catching plant . Basically "no care" so easy to grow in a container or
directly to your garden.
Garlic is a member of the onion family and is nature's most versatile medicinal
plant Garlic  has been used all over the world for thousands of years for a wide
range of conditions.

For example, treating wounds, infections, tumors and intestinal parasites.
Recent research has shown that garlic lowers cholesterol, lowers blood
pressure, thins the blood and fights bacteria like an antibiotic.

Furthermore the National Cancer Institute claims that garlic is a potent
antioxidant that has been found to inhibit tumor cell formation. Garlic may be
effective in fighting stomach, skin and colon cancer as well. Garlic is also a
natural organic garden pest deterrent. Garlic releases sulphur into the air.
Bunny Tails are not a Herb plant. However Bunny Tails  can really
decorate your patio in a distinctive and creative way. This is one of those
grasses that you grow first on a whim, then as an integral part of your
garden! It's just that irresistible (and easy). And for an annual, it manages
to give 12 months or more of  everlasting beauty! Give Bunny Tails  a try
this season and you'll see what I mean!

The Bunny Tails plant itself is neat and compact, just 12 to 20 inches high
and about a foot wide. Beginning in early Spring, it's topped by chartreuse
puffballs, about  12 Inches wide, that really do look like Peter Cottontail
rummaging around in your grass for a dropped Easter egg!

They are soft, fluffy, and absolutely irresistible to touch -- a big
child-pleaser and a nice edging for a pathway, where visitors will smile as
the bunny tails brush their legs.
A "must have" garden Herb. The leaves are robust and have medicinal
properties and the topper of the plant is a striking blue star shaped cluster
of sweet flavorful edible  flowers. The flowers are edible and  often found
candied for cake decorations or made into sweet syrups. Some wine
makers add the flowers to their Elderberry wine recipes.

Borage contains essential fatty acids, something our body needs for good
health. Essential fatty acids must be ingested.  Fatty acid deficiency can
directly affect mood, internal inflammation and various cells.
Lovage Magnus   -  Better Than Celery
Lovage is an erect, herbaceous, perennial plant growing to 1.8–2.5 m tall,
with a basal rosette of leaves and stems with further leaves.

The leaves can be used in salads, or to make soup or season broths, and
the roots can be eaten as a vegetable or grated for use in salads. Its flavor
and smell is somewhat similar to celery. Lovage tea can be applied to
wounds as an antiseptic, or drunk to stimulate digestion.

This is an amazing plant. She will return year after year no matter how
cold or hot it gets. At the end of the season pull the plant a part t and
replant. Now your ready for a another crop early Spring.
Fennel gareing is fast and easy. Buy many fennel.Just plant and let grow. Gardening made east. Plant some garlic next to it.
Florence Fennel    (F. vulgare azoricum),  also known as Finocchio in Italy, is
herb  from the carrot family  a colorful  annual or perennial  which is known
mainly for the stem that swells to a "bulb" as it grows. The flowers are mild
yellow and highly romatic Fennel has a mild licorce flavor similar to "anise".
Used as vegetable with edible leaves and bulb.  Fennel has culinary and
medicinal uses.

Most Fennel will grow 3 ft tall and has broad overlapping leaves It is similar to
celery and can be used raw or cooked. It is very popular in Italian cooking.

Plant so that the brown hairy root is covered with a sandy loam soil. The soil
should have nutrients and a  pH close to 7.0 and drain well. Full sun or partial
is all it takes to grow these amazingly delicious  Finocchio.  Harvest when
bulb is full and round.
Florence Fennel      (F. vulgare azoricum)
White Borage: The White Borage plant (Borago officinalis var. 'Alba') is a
culinary herb with an array of uses.

Add its young leaves to salads, garnish iced drinks with its fresh
flowers, and candy its flowers to use as condiments in cakes an
pastries. Make a purple basil salad and decorate with White Borage.

It is also an important ingredient in the popular English alcoholic
beverage. As well as in fermenting. Just place the flowers in a gallon
size jar. Add some sugar and just place on shelf for about 3 weeks.
Chives are a clumping herb. Clumping refers to the way that chives seem to
grow tightly together, instead of spreading out individually.

This makes them wonderful for smaller spaces, and for gardeners that like a
more controlled look to their garden beds. Chives also grow very well on a

The leaves as well as the flowers are edible affording you with great flavor all
season. Fertilize before flowering and again mid-season. Herb Plant Food or Herb
Tea will keep them happy.
Cuban Oregano  (plectranthus amboinicus) is a succulent  herb  perennial.
Cuban Oregano is a  highly aromatic leafy green plant. The leaves and stems
and strongly flavored . For best flavor harvest before the  flower.  The stem
are short and may have a tinge of purple.  

Cuban Oregano is a "must have" easy to grow garden delight. Or plant in a
container and add it to your "kitchen garden". Cuban Oregano is fast growing
just some sun afternoon shade, moderate (meaning not much let it dry out a
little between waterings).

Prepare your soil to be  fertile. Add some compost, a little sand, a handful of
peat moss and mix. These are the basic items needed to have this delightful
plant producing for you for years.
Greek Oregano perennial herb or under shrub with sweet pine
and citrus flavors. Marjoram is used for seasoning soups, stews,
dressings and sauce .   

What’s the difference between marjoram and oregano? Depends
on who you ask. Many botanists believe they are the same but a
chef will tell you the difference is huge. Oregano was long
considered “wild marjoram” but the plants do not look
particularly similar. To confuse matters further, marjoram is a
member of the mint family and considered the twin of thyme.

Marjoram has a more mild, sweet flavor than oregano with
perhaps a hint of balsam. It is said to be “the” meat herb but
compliments all foods except sweets.
Oregano a flowering plant from the Mint Family. This is a "no care" easy
to grow garden delight. It is a perennial herb plant that grows about 8 -
31 inches tall and blooms purple flowers and dress out with spade
shaped olive green leaves. Each Oregano has a unique set of flavors
from spicy or astringent to sweet.

Italian Oregano is a signature flavor of many Italian, Mexican and
Spanish dishes. Most c
ooks are familiar with it in its dried form, but oregano
is a hardy perennial plant that is easy to grow in the home garden. Be sure to
feed Oregano the
Herb Plant Food and Tea.
Pineapple Mint pinch back stems regularly (or harvest for use in teas and baking or
strongest fragrance. If stems with plain green stems appear clip them off common
name: Pineapple mint

Botanical name: Mentha suaveolens ‘Variegata’
Foliage: Leaves are green with cream edges and markings. They are oval in shape,
with a puckered, wrinkled texture.
Flowers: Tubular white or light pink flowers held in upright, columnar clusters, in
Habit: Spreading perennial to 2 feet tall and at least as wide.
Season: Spring and summer.
Origin: Variegated selection of apple mint (Mentha suaveolens), which is native to
southwestern Europe and the Mediterranean.
White Borage is rare. Call before ordering.
therapeutic herb around the world. RoseMary has been used in folk
medicine for centuries to treat many ailments including headaches,
epilepsy and poor circulation. Blooms through out the season a
pretty bright purple color. A garden show case.

Fast and easy grow. A "must have" no care garden plant for garden
or container. Several lab studies have found anti-inflammatory
effects form  Rosemary. Continuous blue flowers that bloom all
season .
Buy many Roaemary. She does return each years. Easy to plant buy many Rosemary and enjoy growing and the great harvest.
Have patience when planting Mountain Man Tomato Plants. Make sure
that Spring is well under way. Prepare your soil early on. Like all Tomato
Plants they like a sandy loam soil that has a balance of nutrients in it. Mix
in some compost, sand, a little peat moss, a handful of potassium and you
should be all set. One last check make sure the soil drains well.

Plant up to the first set of leaves. Mound up the soil high. Mountain Man
Tomatoes are proflic producers. They will give about 3 harvest starting at
the end of June then again in August and a small harvest on into Sept.

A hardy easy to grow garden delight.
These are a really tasty easy to grow. The vine grows about 3 feet tall
and is light weight. Easy to stake. No big vine falling to the ground. The
Smallest Tomato makes fruit from early June till late Sept.

They are a good producers but highly unlikely that you will have extra as
these small tomatoes as they  are a favorites among all that like
tomatoes. The Smallest Tomato are great for salads,  picking or canning
or just sit and enjoy. Plant in a sandy loam soil with just moderate
watering. A "no care"  easy grow great producer.
Save your self some time and plant Sage about 14 inches a part. It  likes to
bush out so allow it a little room. Plants deep enough to cover the roots up to
the first set of leaves . Use with some good sand loam soil that has plenty of
nutrients. Compost and peat moss mixed in to the soil with a little sand is
ideal. If possible plant for morning sun and afternoon shade. If that is not
possible then go with full sun and harvest often.

Harvest the young leaves or clip branches and hang the branches up to dry.
Then crush and save for when there is none to harvest from your garden.
Ideal  flavor for fish and chicken. Not recommend as a tea . High in calcium and
The Signet Marigold is a delightful edible flower easy to grow and
produces all season. The Signet are favored by Chefs. The Signet is
used in salads, fruit salads and cake decoration.

Or just pick and enjoy. As soon as you harvest in a couple weeks
they will be ready again.  A very special unique garden  delight.The
fragrance of marigold signet flowers is more like citrus than the
skunky scent of the American marigold. Petals of the flowers
sometimes have a citrus taste and make a good addition or garnish
for fruit salads. The blossom flavor is also described as sometimes
spicy, sometimes bland. Foliage of edible marigolds is fine cut, lacy
and almost fern-like. The plant reaches around 12 inches in height
and blooms profusely from mid-summer through fall in many areas.
Signet Marigold Care

Read more at Gardening Know How: Signet Marigold Care – Tips For
Growing Signet Marigolds https://www.gardeningknowhow.
Cilantro is a great kitchen garden plant. It will grow all year with just a
little sunlight and moderate water. They like the warm of the kitchen. And
once harvested they will get bushier and spread out.

So be sure to include some Cilantro in all you most favorite recipes. Give
you next special recipe that extra special flavor with fresh Cilantro from
your garden.

A clip-and-come-again  garden delight. Harvest all season and dry lots for
the winter when there is no more Cilantro to enjoy.
Yes I am an Angora Rabbit. My job is to make fertilizer. And after
enjoying a day out in the gassy area around the Pear Trees making
compost is an easy job. Other ingredients are added such as fish
emulsion, kelp, sea weed and llama compost.

The Herb Plant Food is easy to use. Mix in a hand full into you garden
soil. Toss in a hand full and then just take your hoe and mix into your
soil. Or another fast and easy way to add the Herb Plant Food to your
soil is to toss an hand full around the base of the plant and just water in.
Either way will work. Just remember for best results be sure and feed
your Herb Plants about every 2 months. The Herb Plant Food is all
organic so feed as often as you like as there is no chemicals therefore
no chemical build up in your soil.
Elderberry are fruit bearing  deciduous shrub-like plants from the Honey suckle
family. The Elderberry are lacy, purplish-red leaves. Elderberry are a "no are"
easy to grow plants. Make jelly, jam, wine, flower heads foe cordials and
"infusions" or everyone's favorite Elderberry Fritters.

Elderberry prefer like fertile soil, sunny location with soil that drains well with pH
close to 7.0. Prepare your soil to the depth of 15 inches. Make th hole about 3
times bigger than the root ball. Do not stuff in a hole that is too tight.

Elderberry fruit late summer.
Water 3 inches deep about every 7 - 10 days.  April - Sept. Let dry out between
Comfrey is herb that is perennial. Comfrey has a turnip like root. But it
is not  the  large root that your after. The grand prize is the  broad
leaves with small bell like flowers. Comfrey is valuable to all gardeners
and here is why.

First it is a great source of  organic matter. Comfry are the only plant
that makes all the nutrients  necessary for all plants  N, O, S, I, Mn, and
P . So an all -  in -  one organic plant fertilizer made bt another plant.

Second, Comfrey is makes  deep roots  and act as a dynamic
accumulator mining a host of nutrients from the soil. In 1 lbs of leaves
there  is 1 lbs of usable fertilizer.

Humfrey likes to grow in damp fertile soil but will also do well in clay
soils. Dress  the bed well with manure and keep weed free.
Nasturtium are showy intense bright  edible flowers and stems. The  seeds are
like capers. These edible flowers have a peppery flavor. Nasturtium are and
annual that bloom early Spring till late Fall.

The plants like full sun and just about any kind of soil with moderate watering. A
fertile soil is appreciated but do not over fertilize. Actually less fertilizer the more
blooms. Plant about 10 inches a part. Makes a vibrant showy  garden a  one of a
kind edible display. Nasturtium make great container plants for patios or porch.
Makes a great kitchen plant as well but will need sunny window to keep the
blooms going. Nasturtium makes a great kitchen garden plant as well.
Arugula (Eruca vesicaria sativa) is a leafy green herb of the mustard family.
Known also as Rocket, Italian Cress, Roquette, and Rucola. A "clip - and -
come - again  easy garden plant. Clip down to about 2 - 3 inches and the
Argugla become more vigorous.

Arugula has elongated dark green leaves that are lobed like the leaves of an
oak. In the ground, the plant resembles a loose lettuce with long, slender
leaves. Hardy "no care" easy to grow. Great producer. Great flavor delight
garden or container plant for patio or "kitchen garden". Clip often and enjoy.
Swiss Chard is a beet that makes no bulb. And so as I have been told. Swiss
Chard produces an abundance of  red, yellow and green leaves from early
Spring till first or second frost.
The colorful leaves and petioles make a great edible landscape.
Swiss Chard is grown for its tasty leaves and leaf stalks called(petioles) a
good sub for spinach. But way more colorful.
Swiss Chard Is a Gardeners Delight
Growing is easy in any zone. Here's a couple of ideas to keep in mind.
If planting in full sun, plant behind garden plants that will give some shade. Or plant in
a container and place on a shady patio or under a shade tree.

Swiss Chard prefers cool weather but with a little shade Swiss Chard  will produce  
all summer without going to seed "bolting".
Fresh Thyme  most flavorful has many benefit. A "garden showcase" offering
culinary and medicinal uses.  Another

Thyme  is very high in  many flavonoid phenolic antioxidants like zea-xanthin,
lutein, pigenin, naringenin, luteolin, and thymonin.
Furthermore fresh thyme herb has one of the highest antioxidant levels among herbs, a
total ORAC (Oxygen Radical  Absorbance Capacity).
Artichoke Plants just plant and feed once a monthe. Easy fast fun gardening Artichooke plants.
Artichoke Plants will add a unique bold addition to your garden.
Artichokes  make excellent garden accents or plant in a
container  and place them in morning sun afternoon shade on
your patio or porch and harvest mild summer.

The Artichoke is a tender edible veggie that will last about 5
years. Giving you great harvest each season. The "heart" is the
edible part of the Artichoke that we eat.

The Artichoke Plants make a flower head. Before the flower
blooms harvest the Artichokes. If not harvested the
Artichokes will bloom to a bright purple flower.
Mint  Herb Plants - Spearmint = Lemon - Peppermint  
Worm wood is the common name for Artemisia absinthium.
Worm wood plant holds a secret: its aromatic leaves and flowers are naturally
rich in the terpene thujone, an aromatic, bitter substance believed to induce
an inexplicable clarity of thought, increased sense of perception, enhanced
creativity, inspiration and the ability to "see beyond" --

as all the famous absinthe drinkers amongst nineteenth century poets,
writers, painters and others.  This Woodworm is really a fun plant for your
garden. You can do everything in the world wrong to it and it will still "smile"
at you. Just remember to feed them Herb Plant Food and Tea.
feathery and the flowers are a small, pretty pink or white colour.  Cumin
is used as a spice similar to caraway.

It grows 7 - 11 cm tall and develops finely divided linear  leaves. The  
flowers are white and black they are  delicate and produce annually.

And  it's these short-lived flowers that produce clusters of the popular
cumin seed. Used in salads, soups, poultry, bread and pastry. Black
Cumin lower blood pressure and triglycerides.

The Black Cumin seeds are small but ever so tasty. Use often in baking
and pastries. Or make a delightful Tea.
Mexican Tarragon (also called Texas) tarragon (Targeted lucida) grows all
spring and summer before it produces many yellow, single marigold-like
blossoms, but that is just a bonus because the main reason to grow it is for
the flavored leaves.

In warm climates, its anise-like flavor makes it a substitute for French
Tarragon, which often withers in heat. You will find that it goes by many
names. Harvest as much and as often as you need too.
This is another garden delight cut-and-come- again plant that is stimulate to
grow fast with cuttings.

Keep moist and fertilize with Herb Plant Food or Tea about every 3 weeks.
Herb Tea and Food are organic therefore has no chemical build up in
the soil. Mexican Tarragon makes a great container plant as well.
Pennyroyal Herb Plants - The Natural Organic Way To Control Garden Pests
Luffa is a must have  easy to grow garden plant. First the Luffa is know by several
names: Loofah or Dish Cloth Gourds and Sponges. Luffa grows big luscious
leaves on a sturdy vine that holds luffa. Normally they do not fall off the vine.
What are Luffa? Or fibrous  sponge or squash just depends on when harvested. In
sum a vegetable or  scrubbing sponge.

How  To Plant Luffa. For best results plant Luffa out doors when Spring has
arrived. There. is no advantage to planting Luffa early. Luffa it for Spring to have
haven hold for at least 4 weeks before planting. Luffa like a sandy loam soil that
has organic matter, drain well and full sun. Have something ready for them to start
climbing on.
Thyme is an evergreen  perennial herb . Thyme is a  delicate looking herb with
a penetrating aromatic  fragrance  that fills the garden with freshness. The
leaves are curled and  very small Thyme from the Mint family that grows as a
perennial as a garden, ground cover or as a addition or "kitchen plant".
Flax are an easy to grow "must have" landscape or garden delight. It i s very
popular to grow Flax as an ornamental plant for your garden and walk ways.  
A plot of Flax looks like a "reflection of the sky".

Flax is also know as Flax or Linseed. Flax means un spun fibers of a Flax
plant. Flax can be either an annual or a perennial. Flax grows about 2 feet tall.
The stems of the Flax houses the  fiber.

The flowers of the Flax plant are blue and have 5 petals. The flowers last one
day. But the bloom is continuous. How so your probably asking?  Each plant
makes 1 - 2 dozen flowers that do not bloom all at the same time
an array of non-stop blooms.
Holy Basil (tulsi) is from the Mint Family closely related to Sweet Basil
sometimes referred to as "pepper basil"  as it's clove flavor are quite
grows 30 - 60 cm high with hairy stems and purple tinged small leaves
and violet blooms.

Harvest when leaves are plentiful. Remove some leaves several times
each week to encourage other leaves to growl. Leaves are most pungent
as plant start to bud.  Pinch off buds before they flower to keep the plant
productive. Make Pesto and enjoy the great harvests.
Tarragon also called "Estragon: Tarragon is a perennial herb from the Sunflower family.
Tarragon is a small shrub  with slim woody branching stems. The plant grows about 1
meter in height and has pointed ends. Tarragon is rich in phyto-nutrients suitable for
optimum health.

Tarragon has many benefits stimulates the appetite, alleviates anorexic symtoms, lower
blood sugar, hiccups, sedative to anxiety and stress. High in antioxidants, excellent
source of minerals calcium, managese,iron and zinc.

But most important it is an anesthic for a toothache as Tarragon has eugerol that
numbness the mouth. A garden delight must have herb. Feed Tarragon
Herb Plant Food.
Okra is also called "lady fingers" or "ochro". Okra is from the Mallow Family.
Related to cotton, cocoa and hibiscus. It is a  flowering annual that produces
edible green seed pods.
The leaves have five to seven lobes and flower 4 - 8 cm in diameter. Grows 3 -
6 feet in 52 days. Grows tall in warm season same family as hollyhocks or Rose
of Sharon.

Okra is harvested for fibrous fruit and seed pods. When the seed pods are
young they should be harvested and eaten. So harvest immature within a week
or two after pollination.

Red and Green taste the same. And red turns green when cooked. Okra is
called "mucilaginous" pods can be cooked, pickled, eaten raw in salads. An all
time favorite is Gumbo Okra leaves can be cooked like greens of beets or
dandelions. The Okra seeds during the Civil War 1861 can be grounded and
made to a caffeine free coffee.
Triple Parsley deserves more attention than a corner on your dinner plate.   Triple
Curly  Parsley can be an annual or biennial.  It is from the carrot family. It is fast
growing to 9 - 12 inches tall. Curled dark green leaves  are ready to harvest in 65 - 70
days. Triple Curly Parsley is valuable for its antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and vitamin
A and C can is an maintains Immune System, Heart, anti inflammatory.

Plant 6 - 8 inches a part, full sun, or partial container or directly to your garden. pH
close to 6.0-7.0 fertilizer 5 - 10 - 5 3 ounces every 10 feet about every 4 - 6 weeks.
Roots are shallow so watch for drying out. It is the "cut-and come-again" plant. Clip a
few branches off or harvest the whole plant within 2 inches of the soil.
Triple Parsley deserves more attention than a corner on your dinner plate.   
Triple Curly  Parsley can be an annual or biennial.  It is from the carrot family.
It is fast growing to 9 - 12 inches tall. Curled dark green leaves  are ready to
harvest in 65 - 70 days. Triple Curly Parsley is valuable for its antioxidants,
vitamins, minerals and vitamin A and C can is an and Immune System, Heart,
Plant 6 - 8 inches a part, full sun, or partial container or directly to your garden.
pH close to 6.0-7.0 fertilizer 5 - 10 - 5 3 ounces every 10 feet about every 4 - 6
weeks. Roots are shallow so watch for drying out. It is the "cut-and
come-again" plant. Clip a few branches off or harvest the whole plant within 2
inches of the soil.

High in Vitamin K. Plant Triple Parsley today and enjoy Parsley all season.
Pennyroyal is also called Squaw Mint, Mosquito Plant, or Pudding Grass.
Pennyroyal is from the Mint Family. Penny has a very sweet enjoyable  smell .
Adding fragrance to the garden or kitchen.  

Penny is the smallest of the mint plant however being small does not effect the
great job that she does. Pennyroyal deters insects, bugs and rodents from your
garden or patio. The bugs do not like the smell she puts off and keeps them away.

A"must have"  no care garden delight. Plant Penny in a hanging basket . Morning
sun and a little water then just let her grow. Give
Herb Plant Food or Herb Tea once
a month.
A garden "show case" she can grow 12 feet long. If just too long just clip.
Mint Plants  This is a highly ornamental, fragrant, useful herb, all owing to its
many shades of green leaves from dark green to  green-and-cream variegated
leaves. A great choice for gardeners looking to combine the ornamental and
edible gardens into one. Deer resistant but  attractive to butterflies and
Foliage: Leaves are green with cream edges and markings. They are oval in
shape, with a puckered, wrinkled texture.

Pinch back stems regularly to encourage a bushy shaped plant . The pinching
will  and promote new growth, which has the strongest fragrance. If stems
with plain green stems appear, clip them off—all the way back to their starting
point—to discourage the plant from reverting to its parent  the all-green M.
suaveolens, or apple mint. As plants become woody, remove them to allow
younger plants to fill in. Deer resistant. USDA Zones 5–11.
Lavender is the workhorse of herbs. A  drought resistant flowering
species. A herbaceous   perennial from the mint family. A shrub like  
bushy beauty.

The flowers borne in whorls held in spikes rising above the foliage .
Flowers are blue violet like lilacs  a  woody plant. Planted in gardens world

Lavender flourishes best in dry well drained sandy gravelly soils in full
sun. They like little  to no   fertilizer.
Lavender  is effective at reducing irritability and anxiety, promoting
relaxation, a sense of calm and sleep. It is also a powerful anti-bacterial
agent, and can work to balance hormones and stimulate the immune

All of that from one little herb. Lavender also makes a soothing nighttime
Tomato plants for sale are fun and very rewarding part of any garden.
Tomato plants for sale provide a continuous harvest all season.  Also
Tomato gardening is very popular because tomato plants are easy to grow
and tolerate a wide range of soils.

The delightful part about planting Tomato Plants are available in  so many
different varieties. Plant Heirloom and Hybrids Tomato Plants early Spring
and harvest your own tomatoes in 90 days or less.
Buy several varieties of Asparagus roots plant. Growing Asparagus fast and easy,
I  planted Asparagus roots 3 year and I have a care free garden.
Herbie grow herb plant for sale. I grow Asparagus roots till 3 year. Together
Asparagus roots-crowns for sale will make you a show-case garden this
season. And the Asparagus harvest get bigger and better for years to come
Asparagus roots - crowns 3 year old come in many varieties. Asparagus
varieties are not specific to zones. All the varieties of Asparagus will grow
well in any zone.
Choose a varieties of Asparagus buy the type of spears you like to eat. The
"key" to growing 3 year Asparagus is the soil. Not where you live.  Jery
Knight- thin slender, Jersey Giant short thick, Supreme average size,
Heirloom average size all natural.
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Asparagus  Plants  3 Yr
Asparagus  3 Yr
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Albert's Asparagus 3 Yr
Herbie Asparagus Roots
3 Year
Asparagus Roots 3 Year. Farm raised.
"What will feed you for 15 + years"?
Plant Asparagus roots. Harvest this Spring. Fast and easy to grow.
Asparagus Roots - Crowns 3 Year and Herb Plants For Sale
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Buy Asparagus image your garden with several asparagus varieties growing.
Buy Everbearing Strawberry Plants. Fast to grow. Growing many strawberry plants makes a garden showcase.
Make planting holes deep and wide enough to accommodate the entire root
system without bending it. However, don't plant too deep:

The roots should be covered, but the crown should be right at the soil surface.
Provide adequate space for sprawling. Set plants out 20 inches apart, and leave 4
feet between rows.
Plant Everbearing Strawberry plants either early fall or Spring. Just make sure you
plant these care free garden delights.
Everbearing Strawberry Plants.
A "garden delight".
buy herb plants easy to plant fast to grow gardeing herbs
Why Garden Herb Plant?
There are many types of Herb Plants for sale. And several varieties with in each
type. Herbs plants are easy to plant and fast to grow.

Gardening with Herb Plants can be indoors or out. Choose herb plants by flavor
to be used as a herb spice or tea. With all these benefits buy many  herb plants as
they are a worthy gardening investment . Buy hard to find herb plants below.