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Basil Globe
Basil Globe also called
"Miniature or Bush Basil"
Basil Purple Thai
Basil Persian Herb Plant For Sale . . .  
Many health benefits. Goregous green
purpla plants with laniseed aroma.
Basil Purple Dark Opal
Pretty Soft Fluffy Tails . . .  Easy to grow
Bunnies for sale .
Basil Persian Herb Plant
Herb Plant Epazote
Epazote young shoots and tender leaves used like leafy
greens in soups; its mature, pungent leaves employed in
small quantities as digestive and carminatives in bean,
fish, and corn dishes.
Bunny Tails
Sweet Mace widely used as a tea and cooking spice
hiccups and diarrhea, eschema. Tea or spice. "The Flower of
the Dead".
White Sage Herb
White  Sage  flavor Fish and Chicken. Not
recommended as a Tea. High in calcium, protein.
Easy to grow smells wonderful.
Sweet Mace Herb Plant
Marigold Mint, Spanish Tarragon, Texas Tarragon
Lavender is the workhorse of herbs. It is effective at reducing
irritability and anxiety, promoting relaxation, a sense of calm and
sleep. It is also a powerful anti-bacterial agent, and can work to
balance hormones and stimulate the immune system. All of that
from one little herb. Lavender also makes a soothing nighttime
Borage Herb Plant
Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis L.) is a very popular culinary and therapeutic herb around the world.
It has been used in folk medicine for centuries to treat many ailments including headaches, epilepsy
and poor circulation. Several lab studies have found anti-inflammatory effects for Rosemary .
Rose Mary Herb Plant
Rose Mary  Classic - Herb Plants
Hop:s Helps with insomnia, anxiety, stress,
relax enjoy. Easy to grow. You will never
have enough. Makes excellent Herbal Tea.
Jumbo Garlic:  has been found  to have all manner of
beneficial effects. It is considered anti-inflammatory.
•French Marigold   (T. patula) has roots that exude a
substance which spreads in their immediate vicinity killing
nematodes. For nematode control you want to plant dense
areas of them. There have been some studies done that
proved this nematode killing effect lasted for several years
French Marigold Herb Plants
Lemon Thyme Herb Plants
Lemon Thyme: Plant Lemon Thyme and power your
diet with many vitamins, minerals, highest in
potassium, minerals,  vitamin Banti fungal used for
anti fungal, carries, gingivitis. Easy to grow bring
indoors in the fall makes great house plant.
Oregano Herb Plant
Italian Oregano is a signature flavor of many
Italian, Mexican and Spanish dishes. Most
cooks are familiar with it in its dried form, but
oregano is a hardy perennial plant .
Cuban Oregano Herb Plant
Italian Oregano Herb Plant
Triple Parsley deserves more attention than
a corner on your dinner plate.  Triple Parsley
is an anti cancer, antioxidant, anti
inflammatory, maintaines Immune System,
Heart, High in Vitamin K. Plant Triple Parsley
today and enjoy Parsley all season.
Golden Oregano Herb Plants
lGolden Oregano is a robust creeper with tiny,
rounded leaves 1/2 to 1 inch wide. Small, pink or
lavender to purple flowers stand out above the
foliage in early to late summer.
Peppermint Herb  Plant
Peppermint is the oldest and most popular
flavour of mint-flavoured confectionery and is
often used in tea and for flavouring ice cream,
confectionery, chewing gum, and toothpaste.
Pineapple Mint  Plant
Spearmint Herb Plant
Spearmint leaves can be used fresh, dried, or frozen.
They can also be preserved in salt, sugar, sugar syrup,
alcohol, or oil. The leaves lose their aromatic appeal
after the plant flowers. It can be dried by cutting just
before, or right (at peak) as the flowers open.
Swiss Chard
Thyme  is very high in  many flavonoid phenolic
antioxidants like zea-xanthin, lutein, pigenin,
naringenin, luteolin, and thymonin. Fresh thyme
herb has one of the highest antioxidant levels
among herbs, a total ORAC (Oxygen Radical
Absorbance Capacity).
Mexican Tarragon
Cilantro :With bright green, fern-textured stems,
cilantro holds its own in beds or pots, forming a
clump of sturdy, flavorful stems. Every part of cilantro
promises a taste treat: spicy leaves, pungent seeds
(known as coriander), and tangy roots.
Tarragon Herb Plant
Tarragon is the variety generally considered best for the
kitchen, but is never grown from seed as the flowers are
sterile; instead it is propagated by root division. It is
normally purchased as a plant, and some care must be
taken to ensure that true French tarragon is purchased. A
perennial, it normally goes dormant in winter. Tarragon
likes a hot, sunny spot, without excessive watering.
Chives are a clumping herb. Clumping
refers to the way that chives seem to
grow tightly together, instead of
spreading out individually.
Lavender Hidcot Blue
Wild Garlic Plants
Hops Nugget or Casscade
Lemon Thyme Herb Plants
Marigold Herb Plants
Cuban Oregano Herb Plants
Italian Oregano Herb Plant
Tripple Curly Parsley
Golden Oregano Herb Plants
Peppermint Herb Plant
Rose Mary
Cuban Oregano ( plectranthus amboinicus) is a
leafy green plant that makes  a great tea from the
Cuban oregano leaves. It is then used for
digestive problems, respiratory ailments and
Pineapple Mint pinch back stems regularly (or harvest
for use in teas and baking or as garnish) to
encourage a bushy shape and promote new growth,
which has the strongest fragrance.
Marjoram Herb Plant
Marjoram Herb Plant
Greek Oregano
Wild Thyme Herb Plants
Swiss Chard:lAmong the benefits of
growing Swiss chard: it's an excellent
source of several minerals and vitamins A,
C, and K, making it a valuable food for
maintaining strong bones.
Kitchen Garden
Okra is a plant that produces an edible pod
that is eaten as a vegetable.The pods are
green, have a ridged skin, and generally a
narrow, tapering shape.
Pennyroyal:Repels fleas. The leaves when crushed
and rubbed onto your skin will repel chiggers, flies,
gnats, mosquitoes and ticks. Keep pest out of your
Herb  Garden.
Cilantro  Herb Plant
Tarrgon Her Plant
Swiss Chard
Kitchen Herbs
Pineapple Mint
Holy Basil
Ocimum sanctum
Treatment for inflammatory
conditions .Natural Teeth Whitener
also culinary flavor.
Basil Globe ( Cultivar Ocimum basilcum) a tidy,
compact busket Herb Plant. Ideal for garden or
St. John's Wort
Turmeric Tubers For Planting or  Culinary
St. John's Wort  treatment of mental disorders. Though it presents itself
as an unassuming, flowering perennial, St. John’s Wort was shown to be
more effective than Prozac, according to a recent study, in treating major
depressive disorder. Autoimmune disease and Lupus.

Turmeric (Curcuma longa)Turmeric is a spicy
powder derived from grinding the dried rhizome
of the Curcuma longa herb. Part of the ginger
family, this herb has often spiced foods and
treated wounds, tumors and inflammation.
•The Basil Purple  herbs' parts are very low in calories and contain
no cholesterol, but are very rich source of many essential nutrients,
minerals, and vitamins that are required for optimum health. All
vitamins A, K, E , C, and an ray of minerals. Plant Basil today.
Harvest in few months. Easy to grow.
Basil  Dark opal  full of carotenoids just like
beta-carotene, which may be changed into vitamin A.
Beta- atherosclerosis along with a heart attack.  
Magnesium, that encourages cardiovascular health
simply by calming muscles as well as blood vessels,
enhancing blood circulation. Basil prevents some
The Miniature Bush Basil is a
powerhouse of many benefits for
example it provides the framework for a
healthy Immune system, smooth rhythmic
Heart, foundation for healthy Skin,
prevention for many Cancers,
antibacterial,aids in  blood clotting,
gastrinal intestinal, stress, arthritis pain
and helps with acme.

The Miniature Basil bush is easy to grow
and a great producer all season. Full or
partial sun and just moderate watering is
all it takes. Plant Miniature Basil today
and enjoy many health benefits.
Pennyroyal Herb Plants
Bunny Tails are not a Herb plant. However Bunny Tails  can really
decorate  patio. This is one of those grasses that you grow first on
a whim, then as an integral part of your garden! It's just that
irresistible (and easy). And for an annual, it manages to give 12
months or more of  e verlasting beauty! Give Bunny Tails  a try this
season and you'll see what I mean!

The Bunny Tails plant itself is neat and compact, just 12 to 20
inches high and about a foot wide. Beginning in early summer, it's
topped by chartreuse puffballs, about  12 Inches wide, that really do
look like Peter Cottontail rummaging around in your grass for a
dropped Easter egg! They are soft, fluffy, and absolutely irresistible
to touch -- a big child-pleaser and a nice edging for a pathway,
where visitors will smile as the bunny tails brush their legs
Greek Oregano perennial herb or under shrub with sweet pine
and citrus flavors.
Marjoram is used for seasoning soups, stews, dressings and
sauce .    
What’s the difference between marjoram and oregano?
Depends on who you ask. Many botanists believe they are the
same but a chef will tell you the difference is huge. Oregano
was long considered “wild marjoram” but the plants do not look
particularly similar. To confuse matters further, marjoram is a
member of the mint family and considered the twin of thyme.
Mexican Tarragon (also called Texas) tarragon (Tagetes
lucida) grows all spring and summer before it produces
many yellow, single marigold-like blossoms, but that is
just a bonus because the main reason to grow it is for
the flavored leaves. In warm climates, its anise-like flavor.
Oregano is a perennial with rose-purple or white flowers
and a taste reminiscent of thyme. Its taste is zesty and
strong and is commonly used in Italian dishes. Oregano is
a hardy plant and makes a good ground cover.
Lovage Magnus
Lovage is an erect, herbaceous,
perennial plant growing to 1.8–2.5 m
tall, with a basal rosette of leaves and
stems with further leaves.
The leaves can be used in salads, or
to make soup or season broths, and
the roots can be eaten as a vegetable
or grated for use in salads. Its flavor
and smell is somewhat similar to
celery. Lovage tea can be applied to
wounds as an antiseptic, or drunk to
stimulate digestion.
Lovage Magnus
Arugula - Rocket, Italian Cress, Roquette
Florence Fennel
Arugula (Eruca vesicaria sativa) is a leafy green
herb of the mustard family. Known also as rocket,
Italian cress, roquette, and rucola.
Florence Fennel (F. vulgare azoricum), also
known as finocchio, is an annual which is
known mainly for the stem that swells to a "bulb"
as it grows.
White Borage
Corn Salad
Worm Wood
Black  Cumin
Cinnanmon Basil
Greek Oregano
Woom Wood
White Borage
Flax is grown for its oil, used as a nutritional
supplement, and as an ingredient in many
wood-finishing products. Flax is also grown as
an ornamental plant in gardens. Flax fibers are
used to make liinens.
White Borage:The white borage plant (Borago
officinalis var. 'Alba') is a culinary herb with an array
of uses. Add its young leaves to salads, garnish iced
drinks with its fresh flowers.
Caraway the fruits, usually used whole, have a pungent,
anise-like flavor and aroma that comes from essential oils,
mostly carvone and limonene.[1 Anethole, generally regarded
as a minor product in the essential oil of this species.
Corn Salad:alerianella locusta is a small dicot annual
plant of the family Caprifoliaceae that is an edible leaf
vegetable with a characteristic nutty flavor, dark green
color, and soft texture, popularly served as salad
Cinnamon Basil
Corn Salad
Black Cumin, Fennel Flower and Love in a mist
The weed-like branches and leaves of the plant are very thin
and feathery and the flowers are a small, pretty pink or white
colour.And it's these short-lived flowers that after flowering
produce clusters of the popular cumin seed.
Black Cumin
Worm Wood
Wormwood is the common name for Artemisia
absinthium.Wormwood plant holds a secret: its aromatic
leaves and flowers are naturally rich in the terpene
thujone, an aromatic, bitter substance believed to
induce an inexplicable clarity of thought,
Greek Oregano
Origanum vulgaris hirtum is the true  Greek Oregano with
flavor so intense it numbs the end of your tongue when
fresh, and like all culinary oreganos, the flower of  Greek
Oregano is white.
Cinnamon Basil (Ocimum basilicum), an herb that features the
taste and aroma of basil with overtones of cinnamon. Begin
harvesting basil as soon as the plants are bushy and have
some large leaves, pinching these off one at a time when plants
are still young.
Basil Plants *
Holy Basil *
Basil Plants *
St. John's Wort *
Turmeric Tubers *
Purple Thai Basil *
Dark Opal Basil *
Persian Basil *
Epazote *
Epazote *
Sweet Mace*