Flax Plants
Why grow Flax?
For gardeners Flax  is grown for landscaping or containers or as a nutritional supplement. On the
commercial side Flax is grown for many uses. For example, Flax  oil is a main  ingredient in many
wood-finishing products. Flax is 2 to 3 times stronger than cotton. Therefore Flax fibers are used to
make linen. Fiber textile linen bed sheets, under clothes, table linens, oil linseed, paper. Flax fiber soft
lustrous like blond hair. "Flaxen"Flax sprouts slightly spicy flavor.
Can reduce cholesterol in the blood.
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What is Flax:
Flax are an easy to grow "must have" landscape or garden delight. It i s very popular to grow Flax as
an ornamental plant for your garden and walk ways.  A plot of Flax looks like a "reflection of the sky".

Flax is also know as Flax or Linseed. Flax means un spun fibers of a Flax plant. Flax can be either an
annual or a perennial. Flax grows about 2 feet tall. The stems of the Flax houses the  fiber.

The flowers of the Flax plant are blue and have 5 petals. The flowers last one day. But the bloom is
continuous. How so your probably asking?  Each plant makes 1 - 2 dozen flowers that do not bloom all
at the same time. Feed Flax    
Herb Plant Food .
Flax takes only minutes to plant

1. First, find a location. Flax does equally well in cool climates or warmer regions as well.  Flax can be a  
perennial or annual just depends on how cold your winters get.  

2. Second, prepare your soil.  Flax like a large proportion of organic matter. Clay soil is not suitable.

Till in compost, a little peat moss, a fertilizer of your choice. The soil should  drain well and have full sun.
Flax grows 1 - 2 feet tall and produces  slender stems and gorgeous green leaves. The  flowers are pale
blue with 5 petals. Flax make round dry capsule of glossy brown seeds like an apple. 8 weeks after
planting the Flax will be 6 inches tall.  In 50 days 31 inches tall.
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